Monday, July 6, 2009

puduru dravidans


From the historical sources available so far it is not possible to determine when the Puduru Dravidas came from KANDRAMANICKAM. It is clear that during the time Sri Krishnadevaraya, they were all Vaishnavacharyas and they enjoyed royal patronage and respect. They were rewarded with villages for preaching Sri Bhasya and not Sankara Bhaysa. After that time before they had given up Vaishnavism some of them became Gangavaram Vaishnavas. Some time later after about 1650 AD, they must have split into different sects. The Pudur Dravidas has got the root relationship with the Vaishnavite as explained by our fore fathers.
The Aryan Brahmins who went from Tanjore and settled in Pudur of Andhra are known as 'Pudur Dravidas' even though they are not 'Dravidians' by race, since they went from Tanjore, a Tamil land. Amongst the Aryan Brahmins, there is a division called 'Pancha Dravidar' even though they are Aryan Brahmins, since they were from Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Karnataka, Kerala and Maharashtra, and the term 'Pancha Dravidar' has a geographical significance since it is based on the regional name i.e, the Dravidian land.